Why am I feeling I need to be extraordinary?

Seriously, why can’t I just be ordinary? Why me and my 20-something fellas need to be so damn great in EVERYTHING we do?

 So here’s the situation: I am a twenty-something girl, which means soon I’ll have to find a job. So not only I am living the crazy life of a post-(traumatic)-teenage-era, but I also have to prove that in the meantime I’ve been an outstanding student (recent studies had found that “good student” is not enough anymore).

And just like the challenge wasn’t enough demanding, then again nowadays you are asked to have travelled and learnt at least two languages. Might be appreciated if also you had more than one working experience. Might be appreciated if you have a thousand certifications that prove you are good in a thousand of activities. All this in order to get a job.

But my question is: is this ordinary? Aren’t we forced to do all those things, instead of just follow what we love the most? Which can be learning a language, but it can also be something else! Why do I feel like I need to prove everybody I can do things I’m not even interested about?


Plus, well, I’m a girl. That’s another reason I surely have to prove I’m something more. And yes I can see men’s eyes rolling and saying: here comes again another feminist complaining about the world she’s living in. Well SORRY if we still can’t get paid as much as you, or we just can’t cover the most powerful positions in politics as well as in industries… I’m in college, senior year, and I still can’t see the difference between the best male and female students! Both of them will be chosen for jobs next year but why most likely just men will be successful? Really why? Maybe because not everybody can be extraordinary in their jobs AND as a wife AND as a mother. Maybe it’s just a little too much. Could be we can be great in all those roles if you let us be ordinary?


But ehy how could I forget? I am a young woman! This means I have to be beautiful and skinny, otherwise I definitely can’t fit in! Better if I look like a model if I want to have friends or a job. Oh and, well, if you really want to be part of this world you can’t really be shy and introvert… You need to be easygoing and loquacious, always in the right place at the right time. Problem is yes, you need to be out there, but not too much…  Yes, I want you to be confident, but if you cross the line (no one knows where the line stands) you’re just a selfish bitch. So be confident, but not too much.


You’re a grown person now so you have to be always informed and prepared on what you’re talking about (I’m not really against this rule). You make one mistake and you’re out. Forget you were once trustworthy and respected: for God’s sake you made ONE mistake. Shouldn’t even be talking to you right now. That’s rule n.1 (and I have something to say about this one).


And please did you really fell in love in 2015? That’s so cliché… Falling in love means you think about another person way more than you think about yourself. That’s not OK dude! You are meant to love someone, but come on wait until you’re 40 damn! Don’t even get me started if you have already a family on your own… Now it’s the time you have to be selfish. You love yourself and you work thru all the things that need to be done in order to be the person I described previously. Boyfriends are cool as long as you don’t love them (WARNING: might be hard if you actually have a heart).


So, if any of you didn’t get it… I was ironic. I wrote this post because I’m not this person and I don’t want to be. I just want to be special in my ordinary boring life, which happens to make me happy.


Thank you for reading


9 thoughts on “Why am I feeling I need to be extraordinary?

  1. Really good article!!! I would’t move a comma. Since i’m replying from my desk at work i can fell that ambience you’re talking about (even if i’am a man). What’s sad is that extraordinary and intelligent people doesn’t feel like they’re, and a lot of normal people do.
    Keep on writing, i am eager for reading more 😉


  2. The world si full of obvious things which nobody take care to observe. (ACD)
    Don’t give up to the obvious, struggle for the meaning of things! This is the extraordinary ordinariness. (EM)


  3. There is definitely a lot of pressure these days! But you’re right, you can choose not to accept the pressure, and to just do your best to live a happy life. I think if you try to be great at everything, and push yourself too much, you end up missing out a lot on life itself, and that isn’t good. Just find things you love, and enjoy them… with no pressure to be the best at them!


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