How do you know he is the one

Each time you go out on a date you always ask yourself: is he the one? Well let me give you some piece of advice.

First he is the one if you think he is definitely, extremely, breathtakingly handsome. What is really important is that YOU think so and really don’t bother to hear what everybody else thinks. If you can look at him for hours not finding the minimum flaw, there you go: you’re madly in love.

But love is not all about the outside! Here comes the difficult part, because I am going to give you the ultimate truth: no one is perfect. I really have to repeat it: NO ONE IS PERFECT. So yes, even the person you fall in love with will make you cry. He will disappoint you, he will make you angry and regret the single lady life. But at the end of the day, he will be your first thought in the morning and your last before going to bed.

When he finally will enter in your life each person you’ll meet from that day on will be compared to him and they will a hell of a lot lose the competition. He will be the only one you want to talk to, the only one who knows how to take care of you.

I once read this catchy phrase: “If he doesn’t scare the shit out you then he is not the one”. I couldn’t agree more. From the day you fall in love you’ll have to live with the constant fear of loosing him/her. Let me tell you, it’s a lot to take. Making him mad, disappointing him or letting him down will be your worst nightmares. Jealousy (the healthy one, which is NOT obsession) will be your closest friend. You could call her by name like: “Ehy Felicia calm the fuck down”.

He is the one if he let you be yourself.

He doesn’t need to change you because he loves you JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.

He doesn’t need to make you feel guilty about going out with your friends, because he trusts you.

He doesn’t need to make you a property, an object, something worth nothing without him.

He likes that you have opinions and that you fight for them, even if he doesn’t agree with you.

He loves the way you smile and will try anything he can to make you laugh.

He cares about your friends and your family, because you care about them. It is very simple to me: if your family and your friends doesn’t like him, then leave him. If your family doesn’t like him at first, try to make them change their minds, but always listen to them. If all your friends don’t like him, then LEAVE HIM. They are the ones who love and know you the most, they know better than you that he is not the one.


He doesn’t call you names.

He doesn’t destroy your life in order to have you all for him.

He doesn’t destroy objects and can control his anger.

He loves you exactly the way you do.

To all the ones who still know how to love properly: you are lucky enough to experience the true meaning of love.

To those who can’t: I know you won’t change. I only hope the person next to you will realise it before it’s too late.

Thank you for reading


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