The difference between us and them

Every single day Europe receives thousands of immigrants coming from war areas, led into our continent by desperation and hope.

We know they are very different from us European, but actually we are very similar too.

First of all we are all HUMANS. My statement may seems obvious to you, but there are too many people who tend to forget that. We have the same body structure, we wear similar clothes, they feel what we feel: love, hate, hope, grief, happiness…

Secondly they made a choice many of us had to make: leave their homes. It happened to me too! I had to leave my home twice, but it was different: each time I knew that I would come home. It might seem a little thing to you, but it’s a huge thing instead. Leaving your country knowing that after a certain amount of time you will come back gives you more strength and more courage than you will ever imagine. Because you know you have your back covered.

But not all the people I know were as lucky as me. I know wonderful and talented people who had to leave their countries because they couldn’t find a job or they knew that they wouldn’t fully express their potential in their home country. It is very sad to know that the place you love the most, the place that gave you everything until now (a home, a family, an education, friends and so on) has nothing to give you anymore. You whished you could stay and change what doesn’t work, but you just can’t. And those who can they don’t give a fuck about it and they just think about the next creative way to make money out of their citizens.

So here you are, having to leave everything you know trying not to be too afraid of the new world you’ll live in: whether it’s a new city, a new State or even another Continent. As cheesy as it sounds I have to tell you: you are my heroes. You stepped out of your comfort zones and were brave enough to leave. But let me ask you: when you feel everything is going in the wrong way, you miss everything you left… What’s the thing that makes you carry on? May I guess? It’s the thought of your home and your loved ones. Cause nothing can be that terrible if you know that your family has your back, that the person you love still loves you and understand your choice and that your friends support you no matter what.

So here is my point. European emigrants and immigrants coming in our lands both have to leave their countries and sure for very different reasons.

The difference between us and them is that we still have a home. They don’t have that anymore. So can we please try to understand for one moment what they are going through right now these desperate people on those wrecked boats?

All they have left is HOPE.

Thank you for reading


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