My right to be sensitive

Ladies and gentleman here I stand for my right to be emotional. And I know I will look like a total pussy in this article, but I still want to write it.

So here I am a 20-something girl who still finds incredibly touching looking at an old couple holding their hands. And even though I know I’m not the only one, I still feel like we’re not too much appreciated.

Anyways it’s my right to be moved by whatever touches my heart, without anyone telling me that I shouldn’t. So as much as I envy you strong , cynic and sceptic people here is my Bill of Rights: the Magna Charta of sensibility .

  1. It is our right to treat people with humanity, because we are no beasts. We won’t tolerate any act of violence, not even in a movie (unless we want to have nightmares about it for weeks). We therefore have the right to close our eyes at the cinema and to feel profoundly upset at the sole idea that someone is hurting another person. By the way this is referred to both people and animals. We might try to have a non-serious relationship, but we know we’re going to miserably fail. Because we can’t treat people like objects, we are not made of stone and we end up having feelings for the other person. Gosh we’re such dampers, who does that nowadays? Well sorry, we couldn’t help to stay HUMAN.
  1. We worship the goddess Justice. We don’t tolerate anything that can be related with the words “unfair” or “illegal”, because we believe in the supreme value of justice, which is not necessarily what comes out of a Court.
  2. We have the right to be moved by a piece of art, a photograph, a book, a movie or a song. Because art, in all its expressions, is what we treasure the most. Therefore we have the duty to live the lives of the characters of our books or movies or to feel overwhelmed in front of a painting that is so beautiful that it can take your breath away. If you ever saw the Sistina Chapel in Rome you know what I’m talking about. At least twice a year we have the right to cry in a dark room listening to music, for whatever reason. 
  3. We have the right to be grateful for what we have. We have the obligation to thank God (or whoever you want to thank) for that. So at least twice a week we take the time to think about our parents and what they have done for us. It can take the a blink of an eye or 20 minutes, it’s up to us. But we take the time to cherish the love they gave to us since we were born and the lessons we learned from them, because they made you the person you are now. We admire their courage and their strength, hoping that one day we’ll be as good as they are. We have the right to look at our brothers and sisters as they grow as beautiful men and women. Knowing that the same blood of ours is running through their veins is the ultimate pride. And yes, having a sibling change forever your idea of property and it can be extremely annoying, but look at them… How could you live a life without them? We have the right to look at our grandparents getting old and feel terribly compassionate about it. It’s our duty to value the time we spend with them and to stockpile their warm love, just like animals before hibernation.
  1. We honour friendship and make no compromises about it.
  2. We have the right to be romantic. If you laugh at me I’m not even gonna be mad at you. I just feel so sorry for you.
  3. We deserve to be emotional about food. Food it’s what make us live. But it means also friendship, family, love… So we have the right to feel a warm and sweet feeling when we think about food. Each time bad food is being given to you or after a long day your fridge is empty or your mom cooked minestrone soup we are allowed to freely cry.
  4. We love the world we live in. We MUST be moved by a sunset or a sunrise and live a life that contemplates the respect of nature.
  5. We have the right to follow/practise a sport that gives us chills of emotion. Whatever lesson you need to learn is better to learn it on a court with your teammates or on a track pushing yourself harder. We chose to feel the sweet joy of a victory or the excruciating pain of a loss rather than saying “it’s just a sport”. We choose to be passionate, to push our bodies and our minds out of the comfort zone.
  6. We have the right to be thirsty of new adventures, whether is meeting new people, exploring new countries, learning new cultures. We have the right to feel the adrenaline that runs through our veins each time we face a new one, whether is a new person, a new school or a future trip.


So here is just some of the things that crossed my emotional (maybe psychotic) mind, I hope you enjoyed it. This is dedicated to all the people sentenced to a sensitive life. We are gonna make it through the storm of our feelings and live, at least, a full and complete life.


Thank you for reading


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