A Cultural War

Dear Europe, wake up! The day after the attack of my beloved Paris I still find hard to believe what just happened. More than 120 people lost their lives: victims of terrorism, victims of ignorance. My first thought goes to the victims, to all the people injured and their families.

This time ISIS wanted to make us feel unsafe in our homes, in our streets, in our theatres. The message was clear: as long as you fight us we will terrorize your cities, in the name of a God that has NOTHING to do with this.

I saw many thoughts on the Internet today, some despiteful (like for real you think every Muslim is a terrorist? Good job, you’re so smart) some a little more profound. I found two of them particularly hideous:

1. Everyone should shut up cause talking is disrespectful for the victims. Most of the time it came from people who really have nothing to say. So yes, thank you, you can shut up but I have an opinion and I want to express it. I have the right to express my thoughts and I will do that. If you don’t like that it’s your problem. I won’t let your banality come at me.

2. All the messages, coming from politicians too, that took the chance from this tragedy to praise the expulsion of every immigrant from Europe or “to go raze their homes” and things like that. I’m not wasting my time over you, just realize that you miss an opportunity to hide your ignorance.

 Anyways, what I learned from yesterday is that we are in war. The time to be naïve is officially gone and us, Europeans, we need to realize that we are in a middle of a conflict. It might not be a formal war, it might not be officially declared, but the war is here and we need to stop pretending it’s not. It is a war between civility and incivility, between knowledge and ignorance, between rights and the lack of rights, between light and darkness. And if we don’t win this war it will be the end of the world as we all knew it since now.

This people are fighting our habits, like going to a concert on a Friday night.

This people are fighting our values, like freedom, equality,  right to express your opinion and so on… And we can’t lose this fight.

I always thought that you can tell a lot about people by the way they treat women in their country. These are the same people refugees are running from: the same rapists, the same men who marry an 8 years old CHILD, the same stupid people who think a woman is less than an object.

So in order to win this war I think that us, unknown and simple people, can actually do something starting from now.

First I ask my Muslim friend to step up right in this moment and tell the whole world, as you already did in the past with the #notinmyname campaign, that you have nothing to do with terrorism and that with all your heart disapprove what just happened. It might seem useless to you, but trust me we need to know that you stand by our sides. We have the deep necessity to hear from you, more than from any other person, that you respect our values and our society. If you think, for any reason, that the terrorists were right to do what they did than you have your hands full of blood just as them. Me myself, as a Catholic, I would have chills if someone would praise my God right before killing someone. The same chills I have if I think about Vatileaks and the way dishonest and shameless priests/cardinals spent the money that was addressed to the poors.

Secondly we Europeans need to ask ourselves what we did wrong. Prevention is the key and we absolutely have to understand how we can make integration works. Racial, Ethnical and Religious integration is the only way to avoid this tragedies, because no man fully integrated in a society will want to hurt it.

Still it’s absurd that in 2015 we still don’t know how to live together in this world.

Thank you for reading.


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