Happiness is small

I am the only one that can make me happy.

Sure all the people around you can make a big difference but at the end of the day it is you in front of that mirror and it is you who decide whether to take a positive attitude towards what you’re receiving or be a jerk about it.

Believe me, this is truly not one of those “be positive” posts because the person here talking to you it’s very far from thinking that life is always beautiful. But recently I was thinking how much we are in power of our lives and it really struck me.

There is no chance big enough that makes you meet the right person at the right time, there is no bad luck powerful enough to make you lose what you really care about. I mean of course there are terrible and wonderful things outside of our control but it is up to you to choose how to react to them.

There are so many strong people out there who are making no excuses for being the best version of themselves. And it is damn hard to do it, but they do.

There are so many weak people out there who keep making excuses for EVERYTHING claiming that they cannot handle what life gives to them. They are so self-centered, so into complaining, that they’ve become blind and they just don’t see the beautiful things anymore. There is plenty of them but there is no worst blind than a person who doesn’t wanna see.

I’m all about loving your own self, but maybe when the person you love the most in the whole world is yourself, I say maybe, there is a problem with you buddy. When you think you’re perfect and is always someone else’s fault, or the faith’s fault, then let me tell you that you’re really miserable.

Just find something that makes you really happy and practice it, even if it is small and lasts for a second. Be the captain of your life and treasure what you own. At the end of the day how can you be sad when you live in a world where love is still love, friendship is still friendship and family is still family.

You don’t even have to look for big things because happiness is small. Happyness is waking up and be able to see the mountains far away, or finding poetry in that perfect moment of your life, it’s sharing the perfect eyecontact or moving away from your town, unpack your staff in your freshly new house and when you go out not really know where you’re going…


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