The Art of Delicacy

Why does it matter so much to appear as a strong person? Or –  better – why in order to be respected it is so important to be feared? When did kindness and delicacy have ceased their appeal and they became signs of weakness?


In a world where being harsh and rude is a sign of power I still find myself amazed before physical or even verbal kindness. However it is clear to me that somehow people are massively attracted to harshness and they really think is a sign of charisma instead of what it really is: weakness. Never in my life I saw a charismatic and charming person being in need to be rude in order to gain respect. Respect, instead, automatically comes when, in spite of all the success and power, they prove to be polite and with a good heart.


However it seems that in these days those who build walls are much more appreciated than those who tries to build bridges. There is always two ways to get what you want: you either ask for it or you pretend it. As I tried both ways I found out that even though politely asking for what you want doesn’t give you the certainty to get it, it is always better to at least try. While ordering and pretending what you want allows you to get it, it always leaves a dragging of resentment. Then why creating a vicious cycle of hate when a simple and kind word can turn everything upside down? It is SO easy to just be kind! Sometimes is simply a matter of saying “please” and “thank you” and “I love you”. And by the way it is usually so unexpected that it also give you the surprise effect. Other times you don’t even need words, a simple touch or a hug are just enough.


Could we please not be so attracted to loud orders, unkind words, condescending tones and gestures that try to scream power, while all they do is to highlight a poverty of soul and self-esteem?

We should by far be more attracted to smiles, caresses, whispered compliments, comprehensive looks and kind words. We are so worried to appear weak or less authoritative that we are losing the art of delicacy.

I find delicacy in simplicity and any artificial layer upon it it’s just a waste of its beauty.


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